The 4D Theatre of China Maritime Museum Held its Opening Ceremony


China Maritime Museum’s 4D theatre was opened on September 20th, 2010. Huang Jianzhi, deputy director of Shanghai Urban
Construction and Communication Commission and deputy director of Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, Shen Xiaosu, deputy
director of Shanghai Urban Construction and Communication Commission, Dai Haibo, vice secretary of Pudong New Area Party Committee,
Philip Wong and Eric Pelletier, Canadian consuls in Shanghai and Peter Wickenden, British consul in Shanghai attended the opening
CMM chose SimEx!Iwerks, the leading digital projection company, as its theatre equipment supplier. It used the most advanced hi-tech
film technology of the world today with special effects to enhance the functionality of exhibition, publicity and education of a
modern museum.
The theatre, 12 meters high, covers an area of 514 square kilometers and can accommodate 180 viewers. Its screen is 13 meters long
and 7.3 meters wide. The theatre adopts the latest digital projection technology. The physical effects simulated in 4D films include
wind, rain, fog, strobe lightning, falling wall, lighting and a 5.1 audio channel audio. Its scale and special effects rank among
the top in the world. They lively carry out an amazing feeling and amuse the audience in a dynamic journey as the fascinating movie
CMM officially opened its 4D theatre to the public on September 21st, 2010, with the 4D blockbusters “Journey to the Center of the
Earth” and “Shallow Seas” to be shown on the screen recently.
What is 4D Theater
In the 4D theater, audience, seated and wearing special polarizing glasses, experience the rumbling of falling objects, earthquake,
wind gusts, water spraying and leg patting together with special effects of smoke, fog, rain, lighting and lightning. 4D theater
creates a multi-sensory experience that is changing the way people watch movies that involve the viewers in action.
Features of the 4D theatre in CMM
1. The theatre is equipped with the world’s new generation of movable seats, which are able to lean forth or back by 10 degrees and
vertically move by 2 inches. Their dynamic speed can be adjusted by 10 percent to 90 percent, fully capable of simulating physical
effects, such as sudden stop, high-speed falling, slow rising and gentle floating.
2. The theatre is the first in China to use sidewall projection technology, with LED lights on the two sidewalls of the screen. This
technology can display the same background color and pattern as on the main screen to broaden the audience’s vision.
3. The theatre is the first in China to show the BBC blockbuster “Shallow Seas”. The theme of the film is ocean, and audience can
experience an impressive ocean adventure with the intense 3D visual effects and lively 4D special effects.
4. The theatre shows the popular science films by means of hi-tech entertainment. By combining education with recreation, CMM gives
full play to its educational function.