China Maritime Museum Conducted its First Social Educational Lecture


To carry forward the navigation spirit and civilization, China Maritime Museum (CMM) held a lecture on “Zheng He’s Voyages to the West” during the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays. The lecture was given by Wan Ming, who is researcher of Institute for Historical Research (IHR) affiliated to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), director of “History of Ming Dynasty” Research Office of IHR, vice-chairman and secretary-general of China Society for the History of Relations with Foreign Countries, and vice-chairman of China “History of Ming Dynasty” Academy. Over 150 personages of various circles, university students and CMM volunteers and staff attended the lecture.
 This is the first time that CMM ever hosted a social educational lecture since its establishment. In her lecture, Professor Wan elaborated on four aspects, namely why the question was raised, the spreading of knowledge during Zheng He’s voyages to the West, the historical mysteries left by Zheng He and the historical memories. He introduced the background, process and significance of the historical event, and went further to analyze the various perspectives on this hot topic in the historical circles nowadays. The lecture, with full and accurate data and original and brilliant views, was well received by the audience. The atmosphere reached a climax when questions from the audience poured to the lecturer.
CMM will hold more free lectures on navigation history and other topics of people’s concern, with a view to enhancing CMM’s academic atmosphere, enriching its educational activities and improving its social and educational functions.