Handwork Activities
Handwork Activities>

1.       Knots making

During the course, visitors may not only basically get to know the classifications of the sailors’ knots as well as their function, but also grasp the skills in making elementary sailors’ knots.
Suitable crowd: All ages
2.       Clay Making
Kids may shape various gadget like little garnishes and fridge magnets by the colorful clay offered.
Suitable crowd: kids in 3 to 10 years old
3.       Shell Making
Visitors may use materials like shells, quartz sand, and jelly candle to make multifarious art works.

Social Activities
Social Activities

a.        “The prospective maritime low-carbon city”, an originally designed model contest of man-made island.

Contestants may build an originally designed model of an ideal man-made island based on the theme of “Our Home, Ocean”, the practical statement of Shanghai, and the method foreign man-made island used. The models in the contest will be assessed in accordance with originality, design intention, building techniques, and appearance.
b.       The originally designed model contest of solar-power ships
In the contest, the participant may have their solar power ship models raced in a straight track with the rules issued by the organizing committee.
c.        “Our Home, Ocean”, an contest of maritime knowledge for Shanghai teenagers
The museum will conduct the prize contest of maritime knowledge with the problems composed by the pundits of Shanghai Oceanic Administration.
d.        “Prospective Maritime City Imagining”, a science fiction painting contest for teenagers
Contestants may paint a fancy picture of an ideal maritime city based on the theme of “Our Home, Ocean”, the planning of the man-made island in the off-shore area of Shanghai as well as the knowledge of ocean development and ocean utilization.
e.       The summer camp
On the day around July 18th, “The Maritime Dissemination Day”, the museum will organize teenagers to have a summer camp subjecting to maritime. The camp’s purpose is to cultivate children’s enthusiasm toward the ocean by activities of museum visiting, quiz show, and handworks.